Duodopa®: Extensive world-wide experience1-3

>61,000 years
of patient experience1


17 years
established safety profile3,4

Dosing flexibility 
of up to 200ml/4000mg from two 100ml cassettes4

Gold standard
levodopa formulation4,5


1,787 patients studied 
across 11 individual post-marketing studies6-16

>900 published scientific citations2

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Why Duodopa®?



IE-DUOD-220036. Date of preparation: November 2022.

Duodopa®: Robust clinical evidence

Duodopa® is supported by a clinical development programme of 11 studies17-25

LCIG=Levodopa/carbidopa intestinal gel; QoL=Quality of life 

*S187.3.001 and S187.3.002 were combined in a single publication.

S187.3.003 was an open-label extension study of S187.3.001 and S187.3.002. 

S187.3.005 involved patients from S187.3.001, S187.3.002, S187.3.003 and S187.3.004. 

§M12-923 was an extension of M12-921.

Duodopa®: Published evidence

Duodopa® is the only approved levodopa/carbidopa intestinal gel with >900 published scientific citations2

PD=Parkinson's disease