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A Legacy of Innovation

We’re focused on delivering treatments in areas of high unmet medical need and where current treatment options do not meet patient expectations.

Learn more about our Dermatology focus areas:


This chronic disease of the immune system triggers skin inflammation and causes skin cells to be produced faster than normal, forming the thick, red, itchy, flaky patches known as plaques.

Atopic Dermatitis (AD)

A chronic inflammatory skin disease that is characterised by skin erosion, oozing and crusting, redness, intense itching and dry skin.

Hidradentis Suppurativa (HS)

A chronic, inflammatory disease that can be distinguished by lesions, nodules and abscesses on the skin, particularly where oil and sweat glands are located or where skin rubs together.

Psoriatic Arthritis 

A type of inflammatory arthritis that triggers joint pain, stiffness and swelling. About 30 percent of people with psoriasis also develop psoriatic arthritis.

Pioneers in Science

Targeted Treatments

We’ve expanded our research as we aim to help even more patients living with immune-mediated diseases.

Partnered with a Purpose

For years, we have convened a group of HS patients and advocates from all over the world to create the HS Awareness Network (HAN). Through this partnership, we’ve been able to spread awareness, and engage directly with the HS community, to truly understand how HS affects patients’ daily lives and the needs of the patient community as a whole.

New Pathways

Our experience in immunology paired with an innate hunger for exploration drives our cutting-edge research across disease areas as we work to discover promising new pathways and targets.

Key Pathways

TNF- α

A cytokine that contributes to the induction and maintenance of the inflammatory immune response.


An enzyme partially responsible for signalling part of the immune system and is responsible for activation of immune cells involved in autoimmune disorders.


A key protein involved in skin inflammation which has been linked to an overactive immune system.


A protein that regulates the production of other key pro-inflammatory proteins.


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