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On demand: Access content from EHA 2022

Dr Renata Waleweska

Insights on the 5-year follow-up data from the CLL14 study of one-year fixed-duration treatment of Ven+O vs Clb+O for previously untreated patients with CLL

Dr Piers Patten

Time-limited Venetoclax-obinutuzumab vs. CIT in frontline CLL - an update from the GAIA/CLL-13 trial

Dr Toby Eyre

Real-world data from EHA 2022 on treatment-sequencing in CLL

On demand: Access content from BSH 2022

Dr Toby Eyre and Dr Othman Al-Sawaf

Haematological Conundrums: Fixed treatment duration vs. continuous therapy in CLL

The case for continuous treatment - Dr Toby Eyre
The case for fixed treatment duration - Dr Othman Al-Sawaf


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