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      What patients will experience

      Introducing the Patient Support Programme (PSP)

      The PSP is a package deal developed and funded by AbbVie. Patients receiving DUODOPA have access to a patient support service, provided free of charge to the NHS.

      Overview of the patient initiation procedure

      DNS=DUODOPA Nurse Specialist; NJ=nasojejunal; PEG-J=percutaneous endoscopic gastro-jejunostomy.

      Overview of the PEG-J procedure

      Initiating DUODOPA therapy with the PEG-J procedure can be divided into five key stages

      1. Preparation

      • Oral hygiene2
      • Antibiotic prophylaxis as per hospital protocol2
      • Patient is placed in a supine position2

      2. Placement of the PEG tube

      • The stomach is punctured at the appropriate site2
      • Puncture cannula inserted into the stomach under endoscopic control2
      • PEG tube attached to a guide thread and pulled out through abdominal wall until rentention plate is in direct contact with the inner gastric wall and the PEG is secured2

      3. Attachment of the Y-connector

      • Y-connector is attached to the PEG tube3

      4. Positioning of the jejunal tube

      • The jejunal tube is advanced through the Y-connector and into the correct position3

      5. Fixing of jejunal tube to PEG tube

      • Tube clamp secures jejunal tube in position within the PEG tube during fixing procedure3
      • Jejunal tube trimmed appropriately and Click Adaptor positioned and set3

      DUODOPA treatment can commence as appropriate.

      Please note that hereafter the CADD-Legacy 1400 pump will be referred to as the DUODOPA pump.

      Dosing and administration

      DUODOPA dosing can be tailored to the patient's individual requirements.1 The DUODOPA pump can also be set to allow the administration of extra bolus doses by the patient.1

      Continuous individualised dosing1

      Daily administration of DUODOPA is composed of three individually adjusted doses: the morning bolus dose, the continuous maintenance dose, and extra bolus doses.1

      These are usually administered over approximately 16 hours (during the patient's awake period) or 24 hours if medically justified.1

      Flexible dosing1

      DUODOPA is capable of administering 2000 mg of levodopa from a single 100 ml cassette.1

      DUODOPA has the flexibility to administer daily levodopa doses of up to 4000 mg from two 100 ml cassettes (the maximum recommended daily dose).1

      Please refer to the Summary of Product Characteristics for full dosing information.

      DUODOPA pump video

      Click on the link below to view the DUODOPA pump video which provides an introduction to the features of the CADD-Legacy 1400 pump used to administer DUODOPA.


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      2. AbbVie PEG Kit 15 FR / 20 FR. Instructions for use.
      3. AbbVie J: Intestinal tube 9 FR for PEG 15 and 20 FR. Instructions for use.




      Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk.

      Adverse events should also be reported to AbbVie on [email protected] 


       UK-DUOD-210222. Date of preparation: August 2022.