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      Frequently Asked Questions


      How is DUODOPA prescribed?

      DUODOPA is prescribed at specialist centres around the United Kingdom. Patients are referred into specialist centres, where they are then assessed for the appropriate non-oral therapy. Should DUODOPA be selected, their treatment will then be initiated here.2

      Can DUODOPA treatment be stopped?

      Yes. Treatment with DUODOPA using a permanent tube can be discontinued at any time by withdrawing the tube and letting the wound heal.1

      Should the tubing be cleaned regularly?

      It’s important to keep the system clean and to flush out the ports and tubing. Both the PEG Tube (via the white or blue "g" port) and J Tube (via the green "i" port) should each be flushed through once daily with at least 20 mL of room temperature tap or drinking water. More details for cleaning can be found in your Patient Pocket Guide.3

      Pump Guidance & Operation

      How is the dose adjusted?

      The dose will be programmed, and can only be modified, by the doctor in charge. Before changing the programmed dose, the pump should be set to lock level 0 (LL0). Full instructions on dose adjustment are given in the Operator's manual.4

      Is 24-hour therapy possible with DUODOPA?

      Treatment is usually administered during the patients awake period. If medically justified, DUODOPA may be administered for up to 24 hours.1

      Can the DUODOPA cassette be used the next day?

      No, the cassettes can only be used for up to 24 hours once out of the refrigerator. The cartridges must be disposed of after use, even if they still contain residual gel. Do not reuse an opened cassette.1

      How many cassettes will be prescribed?

      This depends on the individual’s dosing needs. However, the maximum recommended daily dose is 200 ml of DUODOPA (containing 4 g levodopa and 1 g carbidopa and is equivalent to two cassettes per day).1

      Can the patient take a shower or bath with the CADD-Legacy 1400 pump, used to administer DUODOPA? 

      No, since the pump is only splash-proof, it must be removed before showering or bathing.5

      What is the battery life with DUODOPA?

      The life of the batteries is dependent on the amount of DUODOPA delivered, delivery rate, battery age, and the temperature. At the rate of 100 ml per day (one cassette), alkaline batteries will usually last about 7 days.4

      Everyday Life, Travelling & Carrier Systems

      What needs to be considered with regards to nutrition?

      For some patients, DUODOPA may not work well if it is taken with, or shortly after eating, protein-rich food – such as meats, fish, dairy products, seeds, and nuts.6

      How should DUODOPA be stored?

      DUODOPA must be refrigerated (2-8 °C) and the cassette should be kept in the outer carton in order to protect from light.1

      What do patients need to consider when travelling while on DUODOPA therapy?

      Travel is possible. Patients must have treatment documentation and a cooler bag.1

      Is air travel permitted with DUODOPA?

      Patients may need to check with the airport authorities to ensure that they follow the airport regulations for carrying the pump through security.

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      Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk.

      Adverse events should also be reported to AbbVie on [email protected] 


      UK-DUOD-220004. Date of preparation: August 2022