AbbVie Virology

Our commitment to hepatitis C elimination around the world

We are working with the hepatitis C community to support an estimated 300 micro-elimination projects across the globe. These targeted, local initiatives are helping move us closer to a world free of hepatitis C.

Our micro-elimination projects are helping to fuel new models of care from the prisons of Portugal to the remote mountains of South Korea. These selected efforts are a preview of AbbVie projects being conducted around the world aimed at helping eliminate hepatitis C (HCV)—with more to come:

AbbVie Estonia

From Micro to Macro

In Estonia, a protocol is being developed to test, treat and follow up with adult hospital patients with elevated liver enzymes who are at risk for hepatitis C infection. Today, these patients are undiagnosed due to the lack of funding for screening.

AbbVie Germany

Project Plus

In Germany, a new referral network called Project Plus has been set up at addiction treatment centers. The network is helping people who inject drugs battle addiction, along with the other challenges they face, enabling them to prioritize seeking hepatitis C care.

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AbbVie Portugal

One Step More

In Portugal, a former inmate has created a peer-to-peer counseling program, One Step More, that goes inside prison walls to motivate people to seek hepatitis C care.

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AbbVie Russia

HCV Free Childhood

A new project in Russia is developing a roadmap to maximize adolescent screening for hepatitis C as well as creating a patient registry to improve referral.

AbbVie Spain

Hospital Clinic of Barcelona

A project in Spain is helping to facilitate hepatitis C patient referrals from general practitioners to specialists, and build a referral network at harm reduction centers to help people who inject drugs.

AbbVie South Korea

HCV Free Gurye

In a remote South Korean mountain town, physicians and medical education experts are raising awareness of hepatitis C and helping to screen and test adults aged 40-79, a high-risk age group.

The World Health Organization's 2030 goal to eliminate hepatitis C is only 11 years away. We all have a part to play. Learn more about how we’re moving fast and working hard to help eliminate hepatitis C.

Transformative partnerships

We all have a part to play in making hepatitis C elimination the next public health success story, and transformative partnerships are essential to helping solve some of the most pressing challenges. Hear what some of AbbVie’s partners in eliminating hepatitis C have to say about it.

Removing barriers to care

Addressing barriers to hepatitis C care will mean uniting all of us — healthcare providers, patients, advocates, caregivers, healthcare systems — in a collective effort to overcome the obstacles. Hear how lack of education, stigma, and discrimination can prevent people affected by hepatitis C from accessing care.

Urgency to act

We know curing hepatitis C is not just about science – it’s also about society. While many of the ‘missing millions’ may live at the margins and be harder to reach, acting now to help eliminate HCV globally is critical for all patients, regardless of location or status. Hear why.

Partnering to solve pressing challenges

We have a long history of working with stakeholders to increase access to our medicines worldwide, including licensing our medicine to quality-assured providers of generics so treatments are available for individuals in more than 90 low- and middle-income countries and territories.