What is HS?1

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is a chronic skin condition that is expressed through repeated painful inflamed nodules or abscesses localized at the level of the skin folds. HS is sometimes referred to as ‘Acne Inversa’ or ‘Verneuil’s disease’.

HS is most common in the armpits and groin area, but can also occur under the breasts, in skin folds of the abdomen, as well as around the buttocks, genitals and anus. HS usually starts after puberty and three-quarters of patients are women. Studies have shown that 1%-2% of the adult population suffers from HS to varying degrees.



A serious impact on quality of life

Watch the video below to learn how the life of three Belgian patients with HS has been impacted by the condition.

HS Patient testimonial 

Useful documents & links 

HS-Online.be provides visitors of information on Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Furthermore, one can compare symptoms with approved pictures, prepare a consultation guide for a dermatologist visit, complete a test to check for HS risk, and much more.

Visit the website via this link.

A comprehensive brochure for patients to explore the course of the disease, the treatment options, and to learn how to live with the condition.

Download it here.

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