AbbVie is pleased to share videos looking into the cumulative impact of psoriasis on patients’ lives and the importance of achieving and maintaining clear or almost clear skin (PASI 90/100) to optimise improvements in patients’ quality of life (QoL).

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Unmet need in psoriasis as a chronic disease

Chronic conditions can exert a cumulative negative impact over a lifetime trajectory, influencing an individual’s ability to optimally fulfil their life potential. This concept is known as cumulative life course impairment (CLCI). Striving to achieve and maintain clear or almost clear skin (PASI 90/100) is important in optimising patients' quality of life and reducing the impact of CLCI1.

Psoriasis and my enjoyment of life
Video length: 35 seconds

Psoriasis career choice and depression
Video length: 35 seconds

Giving up my dreams
Video length: 35 seconds

It is hard for me to make friends
Video length: 27 seconds

Working with psoriasis
Video length: 34 seconds

Psoriasis treatment targets

The goal of psoriasis care is to maximize long-term QoL through control of disease activity and prevention of psychological impairment. To achieve this goal the target should be achieving clear skin2

Video length: 36 seconds

Role of interleukin-23 (IL-23) in psoriasis

This video explores the pivotal role that IL-23 plays in the pathogenesis of psoriasis3.

Video length: 3:20

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