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    • Proactive Management of aPD

      Proactive and timely management of symptoms is important to maintain patients’ quality of life.1 Login to learn more about aPD management and treatment.

      Expert Insights On-demand

      aPD insights from leading international and Australian neurologists.

      Watch educational videos that include topics such as identifying aPD patients who may be suitable for a DAT.

      Real-life aPD Patient Case Studies

      Access our real-world case study series where Australian physicians discuss the management of aPD in Australian patients with a DAT.

      Healthcare Professional & Patient Resources

      Access a suite of AbbVie product guides and materials for your patients, plus device instructional videos.

      Abbreviations: DAT, device-assisted therapy; aPD, advanced Parkinson's disease.

      Reference: 1. Antonini A et al. Curr Med Res Opin 2018;34(12):2063–2073.

      AU-NEUP-220034. May 2022